The Value Maximizer

The Value Maximizer

With careful planning, it is always possible to make design projects more cost-effective.

Value can be maximized on both new builds and renovations.

For new builds, Mosaic offers a range of services from managing contractor buyouts to ensuring the highest quality products for the dollars spent to negotiating national accounts and hadlings all of the furniture fixtures to maximize the value based upon the specifications, schedule and installation.

For renovations, Mosaic inventories what our clients have and develops what they need to create a gap list, analyzing the best and worst existing supplier relationships, letting you know where we can help you negotiate better pricing and making recommendations for new partners to save you money. Armed with that detailed information, we can also handle all of the details of getting everything placed on order and installed to the site.

In most cases, savings of 20-50% are not uncommon by utilizing The Value Maximizer Process in hard dollars and time.



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