The Clarity Compass

The Clarity Compass

Whether you are rebranding, repurposing or creating an entirely new project, the keys to success are the same. Defining these clearly at the outset will minimize disconnects and overlaps, utilize resources to their fullest and accomplish the mission of the project, ensuring the best possible outcomes for all.

Mosaic uses The Clarity Compass to define where a project is headed, how success will be defined and how to keep all stakeholders on track throughout the process so that we can successfully complete the project with the highest return on investment.

Any successful project has three key factors in common:

  1. Defined measurement of success
  2. Defined window of time in which the project should be completed
  3. Defined resources available to successfuly complete the project

Simply put, any adventure needs its mission defined by a project charter. Before sailing out to sea we need to define why we are doing it and what we hope to bring back home in order to define the voyage as successful. In order to minimize risk, we need to ensure that the routes we plan to take account for our available resources and crew on board. We also need to clearly define who the captain is, and who is responsible for what. The Clarity Compass sees to it that before leaving port, all parties clearly understand the desired deliverables, resources, risks and accountability. The process culminates with a formal signing of the project charter that is then used to shape every decision made throughout the project.


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