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The Collaborative Blueprint

logo-cbNationally known as champion in the field of memory and long-term care design, Mosaic's comprehensive approach to creating quality, comfortable and sustainable living environments for seniors is unparalleled.
President Lisa Cini » worked in health and long-term care directly before founding Mosaic in 1998. She has become a respected national expert in the field who blogs regularly for "Long-Term Living Magazine", "" and "Healthcare Design Magazine."

Some of the innovative techniques in the creation of memory care facilities that Mosaic is known for involve creating areas of exploration that are safe and that give residents the opportunity to experience pleasant sensory and nostalgic moments. We make use of natural light, redirection, Snoezelen rooms, way-finding, texture, play and activities, artwork and carefully chosen furniture to make the environment as intuitive and comfortable as possible for its residents, reducing their stress as well as that of visiting family members.

Mosaic's team is also able to tackle the complexity of creating a universally designed, homelike, long-term care environment for a diverse community of individuals. We understand that senior communities must accommodate individuals from different economic, religious, educational, ethnic and geographic backgrounds who have a wide variety of health needs, body types and physical abilities. Mosaic has experience creating environments that engage the individual, meet code, and are functional and lasting.

We keep context in mind in developing the character of the building, working with administrators and architectural design teams to enhance wayfinding and reflect the client's brand and cultural connections to the community. We do it on time and on budget with carefully chosen materials and design elements that are safe, easily maintained, timeless and enduring.

With our unique, copyrighted design process, our talented staff plans and manages projects anywhere, of any size, from interior design and space planning to installation. We develop a project charter using The Clarity Compass, pro forma and phased project plans for existing projects through The Cornerstone Assessment and start-to-finish design with strong communication and results using The Collaborative Blueprint. We deliver skillfully sequenced project management using The Process Navigator and expert procurement, bidding and contract negotiations with The Value Maximizer.

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