The Collaborative Blueprint

logo-cbThe greatest dining experiences always involve more than delicious food. When dishes are crafted with precision by experienced culinary hands, it's imperative that the environment be matched in its design to compliment the food. This pairing is critical to the overall success of the experience. Whether a restaurant is meant to be family-friendly and casual or high-end and intimate (or needs to be versatile enough to move between those two according to the time of day) Mosaic uses innovative lighting, color, texture, fabric and furniture to create an ambience that will support and enhance the cuisine.

Every restaurant is a brand, and if you've eaten at any of the award-winning spaces we've designed, like Brio, Bravo, Bon Vie, Polaris Grill or Bernard's Tavern, you can see that we've incorporated their brand into every step of our design process.

With over 10,000 seats under our belt, we feel perfectly suited to meet all of your design needs.

With our unique, copyrighted design process, our talented staff plans and manages projects anywhere, of any size, from interior design and space planning to installation. We develop a project charter using The Clarity Compass, pro forma and phased project plans for existing projects through The Cornerstone Assessment and start-to-finish design with strong communication and results using The Collaborative Blueprint. We deliver skillfully sequenced project management using The Process Navigator and expert procurement, bidding and contract negotiations with The Value Maximizer.

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