"We have worked with Mosaic for 9 years on over 50 restaurants and its team has continually provided great value to BBRG. As a public restaurant company, being good stewards of capital is essential to the success of our business. Mosaic has not only provided great design solutions that help to enhance our customer experience; their design work and turnkey services have saved us time and money. Mosaic's understanding of our industry allows them to make design decisions that have lasting impact on BBRG's bottom-line. Our goal is to be the 'best Italian' restaurant company in America. We are a quality-driven company and Mosaic has been a great fit for our Company."

Rick Doody
Founder and Chairman of the Board
BRAVO | BRIO Restaurant Group

"WOW! This word has become a large part of my vocabulary lately. I heard it from my team as they would come in every morning and see the work that was done the night before. I continue to hear "WOW" from our regular guests who come in and see one of their favorite dining spots transformed with a current and comfortable décor. Finally, my business partner, Cliff, and I say "WOW" when we look at our sales volumes that have increased almost 15% since the renovation.

You, Bethany and the rest of your team have done a great job for us. You listened to our ideas and understood our budget. You then made suggestions of your own and were confident enough to push us out of our comfort zone. Thankfully, we trusted your vision and are now reaping the rewards.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. If you ever have a client who is questioning whether Mosaic is the right choice, please have them contact me. I will be sure to set them straight."

Darren Greene,
Polaris Grill

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