Need a change?

Mosaics's turnkey approach to design is often compared to the meteporphasis of the caterpillar to the soaring butterfly.

Take the caterpillar in its simple form and compare that to many of the environments Mosaic is asked to work within. The process and the caterpillar both inch along – just getting by and making little progress.

When we step in, we wrap our unique design process around the project, similar to the cocooning stage of the caterpillar. Then, through time and effort, micro decisions and effective changes ultimately reveal the beauty of a butterfly – or in this case – an interior that will ultimately influence the behavior of those who engage the space.

This encounter of space is similar to the butterfly's first flight when it emerges from its cocoon: The freedom to soar to new heights and experience a new and better environment that provides the best experiences life has to offer.

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