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The Collaborative Blueprint

logo-cbThe traditional design process moves like an arrow through multiple departments, one after the other. While that seems simple, it's a path that's often fraught with problems. Things that look great in an initial architectural design might contain ideas that no one realizes are impractical or impossible until things are well underway, literally sending the designers or architects back to the drawing board and costing everyone time and money.

We don't want to see our clients stuck throwing good money after bad on projects. We bring everyone to the table together at every phase of the project, making sure that owners, maintenance, marketing, operations, finance, vendors and anyone else invested in a given space comes together at every turning point agreeing to the project design, deliverables, schedule and budget and sign off's at every phase.

The results are functionally and beautifully designed spaces that come together without budgetary surprises that are delivered on time every time.

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