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The Collaborative Blueprint

logo-cbWhen it comes to lodging, Mosaic's priority is to make sure that the guests who are engaging their temporary living spaces have the best possible experience. That can mean creating an environment conducive to total relaxation or an organized atmosphere that allows business travelers to relax inside of their busy schedules. We talk to you about your brand and help you build it through the design of rooms and common areas.

In the hospitality world, we blend practicality, beauty and the unusual so you feel as though the space gives you room to relax, recharge and reflect. It's an environment where the walls create possibilities instead of setting boundaries

Mosaic has worked on several hotel projects as well as multiple lodging facilities for the U.S. Air Force » around the world.

With our unique, copyrighted design process, our talented staff plans and manages projects anywhere, of any size, from interior design and space planning to installation. We develop a project charter using The Clarity Compass, pro forma and phased project plans for existing projects through The Cornerstone Assessment and start-to-finish design with strong communication and results using The Collaborative Blueprint. We deliver skillfully sequenced project management using The Process Navigator and expert procurement, bidding and contract negotiations with The Value Maximizer.

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