The Collaborative Blueprint

logo-cbThere are only two constants that you can rely on when designing healthcare facilities today: patients that need to be taken care of and caregivers that have to take care of them. Whether a hospital's next challenge will be accommodating patients with a revolutionary new treatment or managing a viral outbreak, healthcare facilities must be designed to be flexible. With surgical, screening and other medical technologies advancing at such a quick pace, the top requirement of any hospital is the ability to accommodate the inventions that may be yet unimagined.

Mosaic designs from the inside out, taking into consideration the fact that hospitals are living, changing places with as many characteristics as as a bustling city. We engage all stakeholders in identfying the mission, vision and values of the project using our Process Navigator, Cornerstone Assessment and Clarity Compass. Working collaboratively with the caregivers, patients, medical equipment specialists and administrators, we work to understand what daily life is like on the ground of health care facilities, creating spaces that allow the care team to provide compassionate, effective care to patients and their families.

In this day and age, 60 percent of hospital patients are senior citizens, and Mosaic is an award-winning, national frontrunner in senior living facilities, including memory care, rehabilitation and assisted living. Our unique expertise allows us to introduce innovative ideas about comfortable, healthy and efficient ways to accommodate the diverse needs of seniors.

We do our projects on time and on budget with carefully chosen materials and design elements that are safe, easily maintained, timeless and enduring.

With our unique, copyrighted design process, our talented staff plans and manages projects anywhere, of any size, from interior design and space planning to installation. We develop a project charter using The Clarity Compass; proforma development and phased project plans for existing projects through The Cornerstone Assessment; start-to-finish design with strong communication and results using The Collaborative Blueprint; skillfully sequenced project management using The Process Navigator; and expert procurement, bidding and contract negotiations using The Value Maximizer.

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